Philippe Briand unveils new ‘zero emissions’ sailing superyacht concept


The 60m SY200 will be entirely self-sufficient in terms of energy requirements

UK-based naval architect and yacht designer Philippe Briand has unveiled his new sailing superyacht concept, the SY200. Entirely self-sufficient in terms of energy requirements, the 60m (200ft) vessel will be able to harness the equivalent power of 2,000kW in its sails in optimum wind conditions, making it a true leader in the new wave of ‘green’ superyachts. The SY200 would capture some of this kinetic energy through the movement of underwater turbines while sailing.

“I believe we need to embrace ‘lateral thinking’ when it comes to the future of sailing yacht design,” says Briand in a statement. “We want to work alongside owners to create the perfect renewable energy machine, using only wind, water and solar energy to run the yacht and provide an exceptional experience of peace on board and exploration of the sea.”

In optimum conditions, the SY200 could reach a maximum speed of over 20kt and the yacht’s hydrodynamic efficiency means more power could be harnessed through the underwater turbines to charge the batteries on board. Theoretically, if 50% of the energy is captured by the turbines, it would provide power equivalent to that of a 500kW generator, while maintaining a speed of around 15kt.

Briand chose a sloop sailing rig to complement the contemporary hull with its slightly inverted bow, as this proves to be the most effective. With its foremast towering 83.5m above the waterline, the SY200’s upwind sail area is 2,000sq m, while its downwind sail area is more than 3,000sq m.

Briand says his motivation for designing the SY200 was to create a yacht that discharged zero emissions when travelling from port to port. Energy stored in the 20-tonne onboard battery bank would allow the yacht to be silently powered while at anchor.

The SY200 also delivers a sophisticated onboard lifestyle. With the main living deck on one level, 80% of the yacht’s length is protected by a glass coachroof and hardtop. The skylight over this area gives an unobstructed view forward and upward to the sail and rig above.

The interior boasts four generously proportioned guest cabins and an owner’s suite with direct, private access to the sea. Initial concepts of the yacht’s decor are based on the application of pure, raw materials and will be completed by the owner’s interior designer of choice.

The SY200 has been designed to be under 500 GT, which minimises its weight and cost of maintenance.