MONACO – July 1, 2020 – Costamare Inc. (the “Company”) (NYSE: CMRE) has declared
cash dividends of US $0.476563 per share on its 7.625% Series B Cumulative Redeemable
Perpetual Preferred Stock (the “Series B Preferred Stock”) (NYSE: CMRE PR B), US
$0.531250 per share on its 8.50% Series C Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock
(the “Series C Preferred Stock”) (NYSE: CMRE PR C), US $0.546875 per share on its 8.75%
Series D Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock (the “Series D Preferred Stock”)
(NYSE: CMRE PR D) and US $0.554688 per share on its 8.875% Series E Cumulative
Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock (the “Series E Preferred Stock”) (NYSE: CMRE PR E).
The dividend for the Series B Preferred Stock, the Series C Preferred Stock, the Series D
Preferred Stock and the Series E Preferred Stock is for the period from April 15, 2020, to July
14, 2020. The dividend will be paid on July 15, 2020 to all holders of record as of July 14, 2020
of Series B Preferred Stock, Series C Preferred Stock, Series D Preferred Stock and Series E
Preferred Stock.
The Company has also declared a quarterly dividend on its common stock of US $0.10 per
share for the quarter ended June 30, 2020. The dividend for the common stock is payable on
August 7, 2020, to holders of record of common stock as of July 22, 2020.
The declaration of a dividend is subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors of the
Company, and accordingly will depend on, among other things, the Company’s earnings,
financial condition and cash requirements and availability, the Company’s ability to obtain debt
and equity financing on acceptable terms as contemplated by the Company’s growth strategy,
the restrictive covenants in the Company’s existing and future debt instruments and global
economic conditions.
About Costamare Inc.
Costamare Inc. is one of the world’s leading owners and providers of containerships for charter. The
Company has over 46 years of history in the international shipping industry and a fleet of 75
containerships, with a total capacity of approximately 547,000 TEU, including five newbuild
containerships currently under construction. Ten of our containerships have been acquired pursuant to
the Framework Deed with York Capital Management by vessel-owning joint venture entities in which
we hold a minority equity interest. The Company’s common stock, Series B Preferred Stock, Series C
Preferred Stock, Series D Preferred Stock and Series E Preferred Stock trade on the New York Stock
Exchange under the symbols “CMRE”, “CMRE PR B”, “CMRE PR C”, “CMRE PR D” and “CMRE PR
E”, respectively.
Forward-Looking Statements
This press release contains “forward-looking statements”. In some cases, you can identify these
statements by forward-looking words such as “believe”, “intend”, “anticipate”, “estimate”,
“project”, “forecast”, “plan”, “potential”, “may”, “should”, “could” and “expect” and similar
expressions. These statements are not historical facts but instead represent only the Company’s
belief regarding future results, many of which, by their nature, are inherently uncertain and
outside of the Company’s control. It is possible that actual results may differ, possibly
materially, from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements. For a discussion of some
of the risks and important factors that could affect future results, see the discussion in the
Company’s Annual Report on Form 20-F (File No. 001-34934) under the caption “Risk
Factors” and the Company’s Results for the First Quarter ended March 31, 2020 on Form 6-K
(filed on May 11, 2020 with the SEC) under the caption “Risk Factor Update”.
Company Contacts:
Gregory Zikos – Chief Financial Officer
Konstantinos Tsakalidis – Business Development, Investor Relations
Costamare Inc., Monaco
Tel: (+377) 93 25 09 40