Skolarikos Maritime Data Press


In 1957 George Savvas Skolarikos (1914-1974) published the first ever directory for the Greek Shipping Industry thus satisfying a long outstanding gap for reliable information.     In 1974 Savvas George Skolarikos , only son of the late George Savvas Skolarikos established the “Skolarikos Maritime DataBank” and including a variety of other European Directories, has likewise covered the demands of European Shipping Community.      In 2001 George S. Skolarikos grandson of the founder leads the Skolarikos Maritime Bureau with a great variety of shipping publications and by providing his files in electronic form i.e.  Internet, Web-Base, CD-Rom, etc,  provides a continuity of the Skolarikos tradition in worldwide shipping information.

This is the Skolarikos Maritime Data Press, dedicated to information about Maritime news and not only!