Epsilon Team Real Estate


Epsilon team is a business of special features which makes it different than the rest of the real estate agencies in Greece.

It is a group of 9 people who cooperate closely with each other to complete any project they have taken on. It is the only group that has constant legal support – both for the company as well as for any questions or problems its customers might have – given the fact that the laws concerning buying and selling are very versatile and by default rather complex in Greece.
Additionally to the free legal advice that Epsilon team provides its customers with, it has established a constant partnership with experts and scientists that might be needed when buying real estate. There is an Interior Designer, a Civil Engineer and an Architect, the services of whom are totally guaranteed by the company.
All of the above-mentioned partners provide their services to the customers of the Epsilon team, giving them priority as well as a 20% discount.

The Epsilon team covers all the prime location areas in the north, the south and the center of Athens when it comes to buying or renting. There is also a special department for the independent and commercial buildings and shops.

Our company also deals with selling residential real estate by the sea. To provide better service to our customers we cooperate with real estate agencies in big cities in Europe and we promote our real estate in Greek and international portals as well as in the Social media.

The Epsilon team is a member of the Athens Realtors Association, the European Association of real estate Professions , the Athens chamber of tradesmen and the Athens chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our fee regarding the selling of real estate is between 2% and 6%, depending on the effort and the cost of advertising needed to promote and sell a property, while it is just two percent for buyers.
We have been operating in the last ten years by undertaking and completing projects that have to do with finding properties based on our customer’s needs and not on what is in our portfolio.
The specific demands are registered in our office by special order and they are valid for the time period which is necessary to find the right property, as mutually agreed between us and the customer.

Call us and ask us to discover your dream property on your behalf. When it comes to the Epsilon team, the expression IT DOES NOT EXIST simply… DOES NOT EXIST.

Evita Eleftheroudaki : broker/owner

Esmeralda Papagiannopoulou: Executive Director


Member of Athens realtors association      
Member of Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry  
VAT registration number:


A: 61A Filikis Eterias str./ Gr