Cruise Ship Runs Aground in Philippines


The Philippine Coast Guard is preparing to salvage a Panamanian cruise ship that ran aground off General Santos City on Friday.

The MV Victory Pacific was traveling from Mexico City to Singapore when it ran out of bunker fuel. It was forced to use diesel fuel, and ran aground while trying to reach Makar port to refuel. A Coast Guard official said that the vessel hit a shallow area while it was on its way to the anchorage area.

Harbor Star Shipping Services Inc. has been tapped to lead the salvage operation, which is happening about 150 meters off Barangay Dadiangas West, near a crowded coastal community.

Preliminary Investigations have shown that the ship’s 21 officers and crew, all Indian nationals, seemed unfamiliar with the area. The Coast Guard is also investigating any damage to the area’s coral reefs caused by the ship’s grounding.

 The MV Victory Pacific had no passengers at the time and is reportedly scheduled for decommissioning in India.

BY Kayla Turner 2014-12-15 11:18:03