CMA D. ARGOUDELIS & CO S.A. Donations with Automation Systems Panel for Athina Maritime Learning & Development Center (MLDC)


CMA D. ARGOUDELIS & CO S.A. Company offers their
automation services & knowledge to the Athina
Maritime Learning and Development Center (MLDC),
which has been established as the exclusive maritime training
organization for Minerva Marine Inc.
The simulation equipment for automation system which includes
temperature pneumatic & electropneumatic controller,
pneumatic & electronic differential pressure transmitter,
pneumatic positioner & pneumatic cylinder positioner,
pneumatic components for maneuvering systems are some of

the donations of our company to the Athina MLDC.
All the above are being demonstrated in training sessions by the Chief Service Engineer of CMA
Mr. Marinos Gkikoudis, who has at least 30 years of experience in the field of shipping
Athina MLDC has become a world class training center, providing quality maritime education and training
to seagoing personnel by seasoned professionals making use of state-of-the-art facilities being supported by an
integrated maritime learning and competence development system.
We would like to thank the shipping company Minerva Marine & the training center Athina for
trusting CMA and it’s technical staff’s services for so many years!
CMA D. ARGOUDELIS & CO S.A is one of the leading companies in the field of Marine & Industrial
Automation which is offering products and services worldwide for more than 35 years. It is located in
Piraeus in a privately owned building 1400m 2 .
It is fully complied by ABS with ISO certificates, and is a member of major global associations in
the marine market for the supply of its products.
For more information, CMA D. ARGOUDELIS & CO S.A, Marketing and Communication Department, Mrs.
Georgiou Katerina, tel. +30210 4615 831 ext. 442, fax: +30210 4615 832, email: and website


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