Bunkering At Sea Now Represented in Norway


An agreement between Cyprus-based Bunkering At Sea (BAS) Ltd and the SeaSecure AS, a Norway based IT solutions for the maritime industry company was reached today for the representation & support of BAS’ innovative platform for bunkering needs in Norway and North West Europe.

SeaSecure AS (www.seasecure.net) will represent the Bunkering At Sea platform in her region as well as introduce it to her clients. The shipping specialists will provide training and support to the users (Ship Owners- Time Charterers- Bare Boat Charters – Bunker Physical Suppliers, Bunker Brokers, and Bunker Traders).

BAS (www.bunkeringatsea.com) provides the first real-time integrated platform for fuel bunkers by connecting Physical Bunker Suppliers, Brokers & Traders to Ship Owners, Time and Bare Boat Charterers of all vessel types, around the world.

Ivar Kvale, Sales Manager of SeaSecure AS said: “SeaSecure is happy to represent Bunkering at Sea, a modern web based platform that provide efficiency and cost savings to all parties involved in bunker procurement and sales.”

SeaSecure AS is a well-established company with over 15 years of experience in the maritime communications industry involving both hardware and software solutions supporting all Inmarsat systems, Iridium and Vsat. Based on their extensive experience, they have developed services and products to support all satellite providers. The development team is based in Norway and the Philippines. Support offices are in Norway, Greece and Hong Kong/ Manila.