3rd Traditional Boat Show


new-slider1aThe Traditional Boat Association of Greece is happy to announce the 3rd Traditional Boat Show.

The Boat Show will take place from May 27 through May 30 2015 in the port of Piraeus. It will be part of the festivities of the “European Maritime Day”.
The Traditional Boats will not be anchored in the port of Piraeus. Instead, they will parade from the Yacht Club of Greece to the port of Piraeus and back on Friday 29 May.
The parade will take place between 16.00 and 19.00 hrs.

They can be viewed at several spots:
Yacht club of Greece: parking lot or terraces.
Zea Marina: end of dock A or
alongside the Peiraiki peninsula.
Port of Piraeus: in front of Petrini Apothiki near the Ministry of Marine building gate E2 or
gate E1.
Representative types of hulls will be there: Trehandiri, Perama, Karavoskaro, Liberty and others. These unique vessels- most of them decades old- will bring alive memories among the old visitors and help the young ones get to know a disappearing art.
During the course of the 3rd Traditional Boat Show there will be exhibitions of children’s painting as well as an exhibition of models of traditional hulls. All the exhibitions will take place in the lobby of the OLP building.
Antique cars and moto will be shown in the nearby area. In the evenings, at the OLP thater, the visitors will be invited to enjoy concerts by the Navy Band and by the famous island music group of Nikos Oikonomidis (see show schedule).
The above events will be held under the aegis of several ministries and are organized with the help of the OLP, the municipality of Piraeus, and the ministry of Marine.
TV, radio and daily press will be covering the above activities.